main/priv, reclaim slurs, not a kpop stan just an enjoyer of some groups/solos, i barely tweet, not apart of any fandom twt, interests change a lot, always up at weird times

no dni really except don't bother following if you're apart of kpop, anime or mcyttwt, get into lgbtq/slur discourse, nb & use aave, co opt terms made by black ppl, or call black ppl gringos (basically dont follow if you're anti black!) or just annoying & a weirdo



blackpink, snsd, f(x), babyvox, aespa, boa, exo, shinee, fromis9, nct + casually listen to girl groups

ariana harry beyoncé zayn wallows britney namie swv blaque babymetal tommy february6 megan sza spice girls doja fleetwood mac olivia pinkpantheress + many more



anime, battle royale, tuca & bertie, desperate housewives, skins, euphoria, sex education, tomie, early 2000s reality tv, making crds, horror movies + manga, watching video essays on youtube, lost media

TW police brutality dec18 oct14 nov24 gore rape self harm

links whi crd pronouns resources
easy to read crd

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